Circasil Scar Repairing Gel and Patch



  • Circasil Scar Repairing Gel and Patch
  • Circasil Scar Repairing Gel and Patch

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Circasil is used for the treatment and aesthetic improvement of all types of scars including hypertrophic, keloid, atrophic and stretchmark scars both old and new.

Instructions: Cleanse the scar and the skin around it thoroughly. Massage Circasil Gel to the scar with moderate pressure for 5 minutes once a day and then apply Circasil Patch over the scar. Cut a square portion from the patch that is atleast half inch larger around the scar border. You can use the same patch for 7 days. Wash the patch with warm water and air dry every after use. Repeat the entire process daily. For best results, apply the patch for atleast 12 hours daily. Simply reapply the patch in case detachment occurs.

Circasil Scar Gel (30g) Ingredients: Polysiloxanes, Silicon Dioxide, Allium Cepa Extract, Heparin Sodium, Allantoin, PEG200, Xantham Gum, Centella Asiatica Extract, Anthocyanins, Lavander Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Deionized Double Distilled Water.

Circasil Scar Patch (7'x4') Ingredients: Organosilicon Polymer Gel.

NOTE: Do not confuse Silicon Scar Therapy with Silicone - the gelatinous/plastic synthetic material used as implants.

Made In Japan.



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