Tathioderm Glutathione Transdermal Patch



  • Tathioderm Glutathione Transdermal Patch
  • Tathioderm Glutathione Transdermal Patch

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Tathioderm is capable of delivering 500mg of Glutathione and 250mg of Vitamin C transdermally with over 92 to 98% absorption rate second only to direct IV injection. According to clinical studies, Glutathione when delivered transdermally produces a much consistent serum level as compared to intravenous delivery as the antioxidant is delivered steadily without causing a sudden spike of serum Glutathione level thus, preventing rapid inactivation and excretion of Glutathione via the hepatobiliary system. Steady delivery of Glutathione prevents unnecessary stress to the liver which is responsible for Glutathione storage and excretion.

Instructions: Apply one patch of Tathioderm® on a flat, clean and dry area of the skin preferably at the upper chest area below the clavicle. You can also use other sites such as the upper arm, upper back or at either sides of the navel. Avoid irritated , scarred and hairy areas of the body. If an area is hairy, clip the hairs using scissors. Do not shave. Ensure that the patch stays for atleast 12 hours before removal. Use 1 patch every 2 days or as needed.

Ingredients: Glutathione and Vitamin C in transdermal preparation.

1 box contains 8 transdermal patches. Made In Japan.

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