Piringubu Intense Hydrate Nanomist



  • Piringubu Intense Hydrate Nanomist
  • Piringubu Intense Hydrate Nanomist

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Piringubu Intense Hydrate Nanomist is the best skin hydrating solution you will ever use! It resizes water to just 0.3 micron nanomist, about 10,000 smaller than a water droplet. Because of its size, a nanomist easily penetrates deep within the skin layers providing lasting hydration and nourishment no other moisturizer can provide.

We recommend using PIRINGUBU TRIPLE DISTILLED WATER together with our intense hydrate nanomist. Triple distilled water is the purest form a water can get. It lacks solutes, thereby pulling out oil, dirt and impurities thru osmosis. It is also pH Balance and has an ability to neutralize the acidity or alkalinity of the skin. This product is also perfect for priming the skin before applying makeup and to set the skin after applying makeup as it makes the skin seamlessly flawless!


1. Open the tank cover by pushing it upwards with your thumb.
2. Remove the water tank by pulling out with your finger.
3. Fill up the water tank. Put it back, plug and cover the tank.
4. Slide the nozzle cover down to start using the device.
5. Device is rechargeable via USB. USB charge is included.

Box contains 1 pc. Piringubu Intense Hydrate Nanomist, 1 pc. Piringubu Triple Distilled Water, 1 pc. Pipette and 1 pc. USB charger. Made in Japan.

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