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Uguisu Poo Uguisu No Fun Clarifying Mask is formulated for oily skin suffering from acne with symptoms of papular or pustular lesions (pimples with and without pus) and extensive open and close comedones formation (blackheads and whiteheads). This bird poop facial for acne and blemish prone skin contains a formulation of 0.6 pH Alpha Hydroxy Acid Powder combined with 2.5 pH Beta Hydroxy Acid Powder buffered by the amino acid L-Serine produces the best comedone dissolving action that get rid of whiteheads and blackheads permanently in just 3-5 sessions while at the same time treats acne and prevents them from coming back. Guanine and Proteolytic Enzymes ensures that the skin glows bright and blemishes are erased in a zap!

Uguisu Poo Bird Poop Facial is made from Enhanced Uguisu No Fun, the only one of its kind and is clinically proven to be 4 times more effective than raw Uguisu No Fun. Enhancing a raw Uguisu No Fun means that unnecessary contents such as ammonia and food residue eaten by the Japanese Nightingale Bird like insects, fruits and its seeds are carefully removed to produce the purest form of Bird Poop Facial or Geisha Facial as it is known in high end beauty clinics.


As a facial mask: Mix 1 teaspoon of Uguisu Poo Uguisu No Fun Clarifying Mask powder with warm water and make a paste. Apply on the skin while avoiding the eyes. Leave for 10 minutes or longer then rinse.

As a facial wash: Lather the facial wash with hands and mix half teaspoon of the mask in the lather. Wash the face using this mixture and rinse.

Ingredients: Enhanced Japanese Nightingale Bird Droppings (Uguisu No Fun), Alpha Hydroxy Acid Powder, Beta Hydroxy Acid Powder, L- Serine, Alginic Acid.

92% of this product is made from 100% pure and enhanced Uguisu No Fun. The remaining 8% is composed of ingredients that serve the mask’s clarifying purpose.

This product is UV sterilized and is 100% free from any harmful microorganism.

Net wt. 30 g. Made in Japan.

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